SafeVent Referral Program
Earn cash rewards while Helping others

Join us in our mission for vent safety
...and earn $$$ along the way!

Join us in our mission to make everyone's vents clean, safe, and efficient! Poor and restricted venting is a common cause of home fires, property damage and appliance failure. Our goal is to make safe and protected vents so that these risks don't happen--and you can help in the mission of vent safety! Easily earn cash rewards with our SafeVent Referral Program when you refer your friends, neighbors, or anyone with a vent-related need to us!

Earn $5

When your referral is scheduled for an appointment.

Earn $10

When the appointment is completed.

Earn $50

As a bonus reward for every 10 completed referrals!
Dryer Vent Guys app on iPhone

Submit referrals with the App!

Download the App and create your account

Download the App from iTunes or Google Play store. Enter your information and agree to the terms. Now you’re ready to start earning!

Start sending referrals now

If you know anyone who is looking for their vent to be serviced--a neighbor, a family member, a coworker--simply refer them through the app. Or make a glowing social media post that includes your unique link (found in the App) for anyone interested in having the area's top company service their vent...and watch the referral rewards come rolling in.

Follow the status of your referrals and your rewards

Once your referral finishes their appointment, the referral moves to a Completed Referral. Make sure that you have notifications enabled for the App, so that you’re alerted when you receive rewards or when you’ve earned a bonus!

Download The Dryer Vent Guys app from the Apple App StoreDownload The Dryer Vent Guys app from the Google Play store.

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