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The dryer vent is the root cause of appliance failures, house fires, poor drying times, rusted ductwork, moisture problems, bird activity and more. But we are here to help.

Our highly skilled technicians will diagnose and fix your vent issues and even recommend a future cleaning plan tailored for you and your home.

We will make your vent clean, safe and efficient. Don’t wait; schedule your dryer vent cleaning today with peace of mind from our satisfaction guarantee.

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Dryer Vent Services

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Dryer Vent Inspections

Sometimes there is an issue that needs to be addressed before your dryer vent can be cleaned. With a dryer vent inspection, we diagnose any dryer vent problems and inspect for hazards and inefficiencies within your system. Whether you just bought your home or you have a problem that requires a professional to fix it — we're the guys to call.

Level 1 Inspection

26-point safety inspection assessing code, manufacturer standards, best practices, and maintenance items. Includes pictures and videos.

Level 2 Inspection

In-depth air flow readings, temperature readings, video inspection analysis, and more to assess the appropriateness of your venting setup.

Consider Adding: Video Look-Through

If you don’t need a full Level 2 Inspection, consider adding a video look-through in your ductwork to ensure no lurking hazards.

A dryer vent with lots of lint inside

Dryer Vent Cleaning

A clean dryer vent makes for a safe and efficient dryer. Once we have inspected your vent, and if there are no other pressing issues or concerns, we will perform a thorough cleaning of your dryer vent system using top-of-the line equipment and years of expertise.

Standard Dryer Vent Cleaning

This is for the average single-family home. We determine if your vent is over 10 feet, requires a ladder, or is more difficult. If not, you get an even cheaper rate!

Condos, Townhouses, Apartments, No Parking

Accessibility limitations for these cleanings require more time and can limit equipment options.

3rd Story and Higher

3rd story: requires increased time, equipment, and often more manpower.

4th story and above: please contact us for further information as we require pictures.

Consider Adding: Cleaning Inside the Dryer (Dryer Tune Up)

Did you know laundry fires mostly happen inside the dryer? Dryer vents make the dryer more dangerous and cause various problems, but your dryer vent is only half the issue. The other half of the issue is ensuring there is no lint inside the dryer to catch fire (and reduce your dryer's performance).

A dryer vent exhaust attached to dryer

Dryer Vent Repairs and Installs

A house needs maintenance from time to time, and sometimes this applies to your dryer vent. If we note any hazards, inefficiencies or recommendations we are almost always able to remedy the situation for you.

Dryer Vent Repairs

Does part of your dryer vent system need some TLC? Do you need a section fixed or improved? We’re your guys!

Inspection required.

Dryer Vent Replacements or Reroutes

It’s pretty common that older homes require updated ductwork to be brought into the modern code area for safety and serviceability. We can replace the ductwork or change the route to make it better!

Inspection required.

Dryer Vent Installations

If your dryer vent doesn’t exit to the outside, it needs to — and we can help make that happen! Or maybe you want to add or relocate your laundry room? We can help with that too!

Inspection required.

How often should my dryer vent be cleaned?

Great question! Dryer vents should be cleaned every six to twelve months and it all depends upon how much laundry you do, what kind of laundry you do, and how efficient your system is. In order to keep up with this home maintenance we highly recommend following one of our cleaning plans. After your cleaning, your technician will recommend a cleaning plan that they believe will best deter dangerous lint build-up. The best part is our cleaning plans save you money!

"The Dryer Vents Guys were prompt, courteous, and explained every step in the process, to include recommendations on how to keep the family safe! They were efficient! They came in, assessed the problem, and immediately got to work. They were in an out in less than 1 hour. We have already scheduled them to come back next year for the same service. I highly recommend the Dryer Vent Guys to come clean your dryer vent annually.

Mark F. via Google
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Sanitizing Services

Person breathing fresh air

Air Duct Sanitizing

The EPA cautions against air duct cleaning for most people. Instead, the natural, non-toxic sanitizer we use is a simple and effective way to improve the air we breathe.

Exhaust Vent Sanitizing

So much of the air you breathe enters through your exhaust vents. This is especially disconcerting when you realize that birds often nest, die, and defecate here, along with all the other nasty debris found in vents. We highly recommend sanitizing your vents when we’re here for service, as it packs a big bang for your buck.

Whole Home Sanitizing

Although sanitizing your ducts is very effective, when you also sanitize the entire home, you decrease the likelihood of spreading sickness, even further help your air quality and even deodorize the living space. Let us know if you’d like to know more!

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Vent Protection Services

A dryer vent with sticks and debris inside

Pest Guards


High-quality plastic pest guards to deter pest entry. Combine the pest guard with a new cover to be eligible for our No Pest Guarantee.


Lifetime quality pest guard to deter pest entry. Combine the pest guard with a new cover to be eligible for our No Pest Guarantee.


Some venting setups require custom fabricated screening—we can do that for you. This is particularly common on large vents and microwave vents.

Termination Covers


Sometimes a plastic cover is exactly what you want or what your vent needs. It’s usually not the best option, but sometimes it is!


Lifetime quality, highly durable metal covers that are pest resistant. Combine with a pest guard to be eligible for our No Pest Guarantee.

Protection Packages

GateKeeper Package

Replace your termination covers with excellent-performing ones. Code requires functional backdraft dampers over your kitchen and dryer vent exhausts. Per industry standards, they should also be present for bathroom exhausts.

Gladiator Package

Keep the birds out with our heavy-duty, durable guards. Code requires pest guards/screens over all exhaust vent openings, except your dryer vent—which is recommended to have a code-compliant guard installed.

Fortress Package

Install new termination covers and guards for maximum protection. The Fortress Package includes new covers and pest guards but offers a deeper discount by having both done! This gives you our industry-leading No Pest Guarantee!

Protect+ Package

All the protection PLUS receive discounted cleaning prices.

The Protect+ Package includes the protection of the Fortress Package plus cleaning for all your vents. If cleaning is not possible, an inspection will be performed.

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