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Every time you toss a load of dirty clothes into the washer, they shed tiny bits of fabric that can make your clothes look dull and unclean. When these fabrics go into the dryer, your dryer’s lint trap collects these loose fibers so that your clothes look as clean as they feel. Cleaning your dryer’s lint trap after each cycle is important for several reasons. First, it makes it easier for your clothes to dry. Second, it prolongs the life of your dryer. And last but not least, it helps cut down on your home’s energy bill/cost.

Unsurprisingly, these are the benefits of dryer vent cleaning, as well. If you’re looking for a Centreville dryer vent cleaning near me, look no further than The Dryer Vent Guys. As you can probably tell from our name, working on dryer vents is our specialty. Call us today at (540) 834-7820 to schedule your vent cleaning services.

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Hiring a professional dryer vent cleaning company is paramount to extending the life of your dryer. When Centreville homeowners think about cleaning out their dryer vent, they tend to think about the lint trap, so it can be frustrating to clean it out and still run into the same issues. However, the lint trap and dryer vent are two very different things.

Your dryer vent is the long, silver tube connected to the back of your dryer. Like an exhaust on your car, this tube transports all the wet, hot air from inside the dryer back outside. When this is clogged, it can take forever to dry your clothes. Even worse, it can even create a fire risk.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Centreville VA

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After you hire a professional dryer vent cleaning service Centreville VA, your dryer vent cleaner will first unplug your dryer and disconnect the vent to start cleaning it out. Once the vent is disconnected, our team will use a dryer vent brush to clean the inside to remove lint and other debris. These brushes come in different sizes, so you can trust that we’ll get the debris out regardless of how far down the vent it goes.

Once the vent is clean, the tube can be reconnected and your dryer should work as it did before. When it comes to dryer duct cleaning, your technician will also go ahead and clean the vent from the outside. Like your dryer inside the house, a long brush will be used to clean the exterior vent so the flow of air moves freely.

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When you need dryer vent cleaning in Centreville, VA, call on the pros from The Dryer Vent Guys. We are trained to handle all of your dryer vent needs, and we will do so safely and efficiently. When you’re ready, either give us a call at (540) 834-7820 or send us an email at service@thedvguys.com. We’re here to help you maintain your dryer so it lasts for years and years to come. If you need dryer vent services in Centreville, VA, The Dryer Vent Guys are the ones to call.

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