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Just like everything you own, there will come a time when you need to call in a professional to make repairs. Though the average dryer can last between 10-13 years if properly taken care of, the reality is that a hose will come loose now and again or you may need to repair a break in the line.

When faced with one of these situations or something similar, call the Dryer Vent Guys for quality and affordable dryer vent repair. We understand that Googling “Glen Allen VA dryer vent repair near me” will come up with a lot of results, but not all of these results are going to offer the quality service you’re looking for. At the Dryer Vent Guys, we not only offer years of experience but our dryer vent replacement service comes highly rated by those who’ve used it. We welcome you to check out our reviews next time you’re in the market for a quality dryer vent repair service near me.

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You’ll need to hire a dryer vent repair company any time your dryer isn’t working as it should. Even if you aren't 100% positive that it’s broken, it may need something as simple as putting a few new screws in. Having a professional come to your house to handle any issues helps ensure there isn’t something more serious going on with your dryer. What may seem like an obvious or even simple fix to you could be a symptom of a much larger issue that could become a big problem later on.

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For example, let’s say that the hose behind your dryer comes loose. This could be the result of a loose clamp or that the hose that was initially installed was too small but you never realized it. A dryer hose could also be ripped, which could be causing recurrent issues. Though repairing or replacing a damaged dryer vent hose may not take a lot of time, attempting to handle a job like this yourself could create issues if you use the wrong kind of hose.

For example, foil and vinyl dryer vent hoses can make it easier for clogs to occur, leading to an increased fire risk. Accidentally buying and installing the wrong kind of dryer vent hose can cost you more issues down the line, making calling a professional for dryer vent replacement and dryer vent repair service Glen Allen VA all the more important.

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Other common issues that may arise with your dryer vent that may require repair include but aren’t limited to using the wrong materials, bad joint connections, and leaks. Issues with your dryer vent shouldn’t be taken lightly. While, yes, they can cause a fire, they can also lead to mold growth and a buildup of carbon monoxide. They can even lead to the development of mold, which triggers allergies and worn existing respiratory conditions for those in your home who have them.

All in all, getting your vents repaired when you suspect there’s a problem is always a good idea. When you’re ready to move forward, the Dryer Vent Guys are here to help. Call us today at (703) 713-5027to book your appointment.