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Like your bathroom and laundry room, your kitchen is prone to all sorts of bacteria and humidity levels that can later turn into mold and mildew if left untreated. When it comes to the most vulnerable items in your kitchen, your exhaust vent ranks near the top. This is because when you’re cooking over a hot stove, grease, smoke, and harmful fumes make their way around your kitchen. Your kitchen’s exhaust vent is designed to remove smoke and grease from your kitchen so that it doesn’t harm you or anyone working around you. Unfortunately, if this is clogged, it makes this process nearly impossible.

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Kitchen exhaust cleaning is one of those regular maintenance activities people tend to forget about until the damage is already severe. After all, how many times do you check to see if something’s working if you don’t realize there’s a problem? Sometimes referred to as hood cleaning, kitchen exhaust cleaning is a vital step in making sure that smoke and grease exit your home appropriately. If left untreated, you and your family could be subjected to harmful fumes lingering around the kitchen. Even worse, the accumulation of grease and other bacteria can lead to a fire. This is just one major reason why hiring a kitchen exhaust inspection service should be at the top of your list of things to do. We’ll determine whether or not you have a problem and if so, determine the appropriate steps to fix it.

Another reason why you might want to consider kitchen exhaust cleaning near me is to make sure pests don’t get into your kitchen exhaust. Believe it or not, your kitchen exhaust is actually prone to entry by birds and other pests like bugs and even squirrels. If you feel like your kitchen exhaust may be compromised by the entry of a bird or pest, it’s important to get it cleaned so air can flow freely and effectively.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Centreville VA

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There are a few different processes in which kitchen exhausts can be cleaned. First, there are caustic chemicals. These are usually used to break down grease that may be trapped in the exhaust. After the chemicals have run their course, everything is usually cleaned off with hot water to rinse away all unwanted residue, ensuring that not only your vents are clean but are chemical-free, as well. The other process is hot water pressure washing. This means that hot water is sprayed at a high pressure to break up and blast away the grease. This is a great way to clean up a kitchen exhaust if you’re worried about the possible effects of using chemicals.

A professional kitchen exhaust cleaning company like us doesn’t just offer our services to homeowners in Centreville, VA - we also offer them to commercial restaurants. Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is an easy, affordable way to make sure your restaurant’s kitchen continues to operate smoothly.

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