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How many times have you cleaned your kitchen’s exhaust fan? If you’re like most homeowners in Glen Allen, VA, probably not too often. After all, you may not even use your exhaust fan that often, let alone often enough for you to remember to wipe it down after you’re done cooking.

However, properly cleaning your kitchen exhaust fan is important. Failing to do so can ultimately create a fire hazard.If you want to protect your home, look into a professional kitchen exhaust cleaning from the Dryer Vent Guys.

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When you cook, it creates fumes that circulate not only through your kitchen but the rest of the house, as well. Not only are these fumes difficult to breathe, they’re not good for you to breathe in. As such, your kitchen’s exhaust fan works to remove these. However, if it’s clogged with grease and other particles, it won’t be able to do this efficiently and will ultimately restrict airflow. As such, getting your exhaust fan filter replaced is necessary. Exhaust fans in the kitchen may also stop working due to a motor or mechanical failure, which is not always as easy to spot, especially when you’re just looking at it from the outside.

This is why hiring a kitchen exhaust cleaning company to conduct a kitchen exhaust inspection Glen Allen VA is important. We can tell you if your exhaust fan filter is clogged or if there is a clog somewhere else in your ductwork that needs repair. Not only will we conduct at thorough kitchen exhaust inspection service, but we’ll also offer repair and cleaning services for you. Common signs of a clogged kitchen exhaust fan include but aren’t limited to making a lot of noise, burning smells, foul odors, and power lags. If you notice any of these issues, call the Dryer Vent Guys as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

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These services aren’t just for homeowners in Glen Allen, VA either. We’re proud to offer our services to commercial businesses, too. If you’re a restaurant manager or owner, you have to ensure safe premises for your staff and patrons. Investing in a proper commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning can not only do this but can help you pass inspections, as well. If you’re in the market for quality kitchen exhaust cleaning near me, the team at the Dryer Vent Guys can help.

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